"two man alt-rock for the thinking man”
Chris De Rosier - Tag magazine
"Packed inside these well crafted songs is a rock and roll ride through an awakening of the mind"
Joshua Smotherman - Middle Tennessee Music
“The best two-piece since Carmen Elektra's swimsuit.”
Justin Larkin - Midas the Crow
“intelligent, EXCITING, and thought provoking”
Caesar Crawford - the dead timez
“The best duo since Jordan and Pippen”
Brett Johnston - Tag Magazine
“keen on coalescing genres like atoms smashing,the Archimedian Point is at once wholly recognizable, and at times completely without category”
Cody Blevins - VENTS magazine
"genre specific" is a most curious title for the debut 6-song CD by, the archimedian pOiNt, because within its rocking but accessible grooves are the kind of stylistic shifts that render such labels as metal, progressive rock, thrash, or post grunge simply inadequate.
-rice b. - radioindy.com
“The Archimedian Point is anything but just another rock band. They have an edgy, alternative sound, laced with progressive punk rock. ”
-Tamara Styer  - Deitra Mag
“the best two piece since Mel Gibson and Danny Glover”
Brandon Dorsey - Hessian Crucible